X-Board professional cable dispenser XB 500

The XB 500 is a universal dispenser and retractor for all types of cable drums, cables and pipes (wire cables, cable rings, cable drums, empty conduits, ropes and rope drums).
It allows trouble-free and efficient working without cable clutter.
The X BOARD – XB 500 can withstand loads of up to 800 kg and fits almost any
drum type.
Particularly suitable for damaged cable drums.
12 rubber feet ensure firm, non-slip footing.
Ideal for protecting the surfaces of finished flooring.


Runpostick not included.
The RUNPOSTICKS Comfort set must be ordered separately (art. no.: 0695 990 030).


  • Suitable for all types of cables, pipes, wires and cable drums
  • Load capacity up to 800 kg
  • Excellent for damaged cable drums
  • Also suitable for loose cable bundles
  • Allows dispensing of 2 cable bundles simultaneously
  • Variable drum sizes
  • Non-slip and safe standing position
Load capacity




Harmonized System Code

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