Welding helmet p550 black/green, automatic darkening, DIN 4 / 9-13

The sensitivity of the sensors can be adjusted for the welding process and working conditions. The external lens provides optimal protection against spatter and welding smoke. The switching time from dark to light can be regulated using the delayed opening function. The helmet offers unbeatable comfort thanks to the combination of optimal weight distribution and the convenient, adjustable head band. The helmet has a true-to-colour anti-glare filter for realistic colour perception.

UV/IR rays always filtered out in compliance with DIN standards
Optimised air flow and smoke-repellent

Eye protection: Maximum UV & IR protection in all protection level settings
Classification EN 379: 1/1/1/2
Classification EN 175: B (120m/s impact resistance)
Switching time from light to dark: 0.220 ms at room temperature, 0.165 ms at 55 degrees
Switching time from dark to light: 0.05 – 1.5 sec., infinitely variable selection
Usage temperature: -10 to +70°
Power supply: Solar cells and batteries (CR 2032) — no need to switch on and off

Application area:

The helmet is suitable for all common welding processes, with the exception of gas and laser welding.


  • Fully automatic dimming, protection levels can be adjusted from DIN 9-13
  • Extremely rapid switching from light to dark in 2 milliseconds
  • Opening delay — switching time from dark to light can be set to “slow” or “fast”
  • Solar technology and batteries — no need to switch on and off
  • Permanent eye protection
  • UV/IR rays are always filtered according to DIN standards
  • Optimised air flow and smoke-repellent
  • Spoilers prevent damage to the glass in the event of it falling out
  • Comfortable headband
  • Sensitivity regulation
  • Operating unit outside the helmet
EN standard

Cassette height

Type description

Width of field of vision

Min. protection level

Cassette width

Cassette thickness



Height of field of vision

Max. protection level

Harmonized System Code

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