ultra INOX twist drill, DIN 338 HSS-Co, 3.5 mm

Twist drill with TRICON shaft, short, type W, right-hand cutting, cross grinding, DIN 338, HSS-Co 5%

Field of Application:

Especially suitable for hard materials such as rust, acid and heat-resistant austenitic steels (A2 + A4), titanium and aluminium alloys with a strength of up to 850 N/mm². Optimal performance with a material thickness of up to 5 mm.


From 3.0 mm with black/gold surface finish. From 4.0 mm with TRICON shaft


  • 135° turbo cutter with cross grinding

No centre punch required

Fastest drilling progress

Drilling on curved surfaces — excellent drilling properties

Reduction of contact pressure

  • 40° twist angle

Particularly suitable for battery powered and hand-held drills

Dimensional accuracy: perfectly round holes right to the end

  • Green ring for stainless steel

Simple material assignment — no confusion; suitable for machine taps and countersinks

  • Black and gold heat treatment

Reduced thermal load on drill

  • TRICON shaft

Prevents movement in the drill chuck — therefore no damage to drill

Positive locking in drill chuck

Securely and firmly clamped, particularly in the quick-action drill chuck

Optimal power transfer to the tip where the power is needed

Chip flute length

Cutting material



Harmonized System Code

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