Stepped drill bit set HSS, 3 pieces

HSS-CBN deep-ground, with straight shank with laser scaling (DBGM)

The ideal tool for sheet metal working. This tool can be used to centre, spot drill, rebore and deburr sheet metal in one process. Indispensable tool, whether for the electrical trade, plumbing and heating systems, automotive workshops, mechanical engineering, switch cabinet manufacturing or container and instrument construction.
The robust tool is suitable for all common materials, such as non-ferrous metals, stainless steel sheeting, plastics, Plexiglas, various types of wood and all common steel sheeting up to a thickness of 4 mm. All stepped drill bits are labelled with a laser scale, enabling the hole diameter of each to be read off.


1 piece each: Ø 4–12 mm, 1 mm ascending, 9 steps, size 09; Ø 4–20 mm, 2 mm ascending, 9 steps, size 1; Ø 4–30 mm, 2 mm ascending, 14 steps, size 2

Material to be processed


Harmonized System Code

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