Simplex soft-face hammer EH 3013 TPE-soft, TPE-mid 50 mm

The soft-face hammer with steel cast housing and high-quality wooden handle.

The hammer inserts and the shaft can quickly be replaced.

The inserts and the shaft fit firmly together.

Field of Application:

The hammer insert combination “TPE soft and TPE-mid” is ideal for

  • Setting natural stone
  • Dry walling
  • Furniture construction
  • Window and door construction
  • Carpentry
  • Laying tiles and panels


The replaceable hammer inserts:

  • Black: Rubber composition
  • White: Super plastic
  • Blue: Abrasion-free TPE-soft
  • Grey: Abrasion-free TPE-mid


  • Individual components of the soft-face hammer
  • The combination of the hammer inserts gives the user two soft-face hammers in one
  • Hammer inserts do not stain
Hammer weight



Material of the handle

Head diameter

Length of head

Harmonized System Code

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