sebSta pan head drilling screw, sim. to DIN 7504-N, 4.8 X 16

The self-tapping screw for corrosion-resistant installation in steel and aluminium.

Field of Application:

For St 12, St 13, St 14, St 33, St 37, USt 37, RSt 37, St 44, St 50, St 52, other unalloyed steels up to a tensile strength of 510 N/mm2, plus aluminium and other soft metals.


Minimum screw length = clamping force + material thickness + drill tip length + 3 mm. RECA sebSta must always only be screwed in until the threads of the stainless steel section are meshed.


  • Drilling, thread forming and bolting in one go.
  • Considerably reduced time and effort.
  • Rustproof mounting with the A2 stainless steel thread.
  • Special Ruspert coating (zinc aluminium lamellar coating) lubricates the stainless steel thread and protects the steel tip against corrosion.
Drill tip length



Internal drive


Min. material thickness


Head height

Head diameter

Harmonized System Code

Max. material thickness

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