sebS hexagon head drilling screw, sim. to DIN 7504-L, galv, 7 AF/slot 4.2 x 16

Field of Application:

For St 12, St 13, St 14, St 33, St 37, UST 37, RSt 37, St 44, St 50, St 52, other unalloyed steels up to a tensile strength of 510 N/mm2, plus aluminium and other soft metals. Especially suited for use in the electronics sector, ventilation and air conditioning technology, can also be removed during maintenance work using slotted screwdriver in additional slot drive.


Minimum screw length = clamping force + material thickness + drill tip length + 3 mm.

Drill tip length


External drive



Min. material thickness


Head diameter

Head height

Harmonized System Code

Max. material thickness

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