SDS-plus x-tron hammer drill bit 16×160/100

The robust all-rounder with an extremely long service life

4-cutter drill head and reinforced-core coil for a longer service life and precision drill holes

Field of Application:

Concrete (also reinforced), sand-lime brick, solid brick


All dimensions with a working length greater than 400 mm should be pre-drilled to at least 150 mm with a short drill of the same diameter!


We recommend treating the machine chuck and insertion end of the drill with lubricants from our arecal range following extended use (art. sub. no. 0896).


  • The centring point drills with pin-point accuracy and prevents runout
  • The core-reinforced spiral accelerates the transport of the cuttings and optimises the impact transfer
  • The 4-tip drill head is more robust, drills with pin-point accuracy and prevents jamming in case of lateral reinforcement impact
Type description


Working length


Harmonized System Code

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