Round brush, all-in-one bristle, 20 mm

Innovative “all-in-one” bristle with significantly longer service life. Greater absorption of paint and homogeneous distribution of paint. Handle made from high-quality FSC-certified wood.

Field of Application:

Especially suitable for painting and lacquering work on smaller surfaces


Significantly longer service life compared to natural bristle due to increased abrasion resistance of plastic bristle


  • One brush for all paints
  • No swelling in aqueous paints
  • Greater absorption of paint due to additional capillaries (mixture of conical and cylindrical bristles)
  • Homogeneous distribution of paint thanks to more spreading fibres in the tip
  • No breakage of brush or loss of bristle
  • Handle made from high-quality FSC-certified birch
  • Easier to wash out
  • High-quality plastic mount with nickel ring
Suitable for paint type



Material of the grip handle


Material of the bristles

Harmonized System Code

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