Rivet nut, countersunk head, small, A2, bore Ø 11.0, clamp range 0.5–3.0 mm, M8

16.35 ex. VAT

Rivet nuts combine two types of fastening:
1. Rivet connection of two materials when used as a rivet.
2. Creation of a screw thread without tapping.


  • Creation of a thread even in thin-walled materials in which thread cutting is not possible
  • Access from one side, inside does not have to be accessible
  • Screw connection achieves same values as a thread cut in solid material
Max. grip range

Suitable for screw

Shear-fracture load

Drill diameter


Shaft length

Head height

Head diameter

Min. grip range

Harmonized System Code

Tensile fracture load

Rivet diameter

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