recatherm PE pro. insulation, EnEv 50% 110 x 2 m rods, pk. unit 220 m 13 x 18 mm

Round extruded polyethylene, closed cell structure, pre-slotted; 2-m rod material

Foamed, closed-cell polyethylene with NMC Naturefoam® containing at least 50% renewable raw materials. For use in heating and sanitation
+ Professional insulation and energy saving
+ Unique compared to its fire behaviour BLs1d0

Application area:

DIN 1988 part 2 – cold water
50% according to EnEv

Field of Application:

Due to its low thermal conductivity, RECAtherm PROFI reduces heat loss in the distribution lines of a plumbing and heating installation by up to 80%. This increases both the economic and ecological efficiency of the entire plant.
RECAtherm PROFI meets the requirements of the German Buildings Energy Act (GEG 2020) and DIN 1988 200 and offers compliant solutions for every installation.
As a PE foam product, RECAtherm PROFI features sound-absorbing properties and therefore particularly reduces the cracking and flow noises in pipes.

Product properties
+ thermal conductivity (EN ISO 8497):
0.036 W/mK at 0°C
0.040 W/mK at 40°C
0.043 W/mK at 60°C
0.045 W/mK at 70°C
+ fire behaviour (EN 13501-1):
BLs1d0 (insulation thickness 9 + 13 mm)
CLs1d0 (insulation thickness 20 + 25 mm)
+ temperature range: from 0°C to +100°C (EN 14707)


The first pipe insulation made from renewable raw materials

RECAtherm GREEN helps you to reduce the CO² emissions two-fold
– Thanks to the optimum climate footprint during the manufacturing process
– Thanks to its outstanding damping properties

A product for sustainable building!


Resistant to ageing, non-rotting, can be recycled, can be painted over with emulsion paint, flexible, keeps its shape, suitable for copper, steel, stainless steel and plastic pipes

Heat conductance λ

Insulating-material thickness

Outer diameter of pipe

Harmonized System Code

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