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RECA x-tron ultra hammer drill bit SDSplus 6 x 115/50

Maximum performance and ultra-modern “Made in Germany” manufacturing technology

New solid carbide head with
•Lathe centre for easy positioning
•Reinforcement chamfers to prevent hooking onto the reinforcement
•Sturdy main cutting edge
•Wear mark for easy recognition of the wear limit in accordance with PGM
•POWER SHOULDERS for enhanced performance when breaking concrete and optimised compatibility with reinforcements

New spiral design with
•Narrow back for reduced friction and faster drilling
•Broad back for reduced wear, protection against breakages and a longer service life

Application area:

For all SDSplus hammer drill bits in the 2–4 kg class

Field of Application:

Concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry, sand-lime brick, solid brick and all other stone materials


All dimensions with a working length greater than 400 mm should be pre-drilled to at least 150 mm with a short drill of the same diameter!


We recommend treating the machine chuck and insertion end of the drill with lubricants from our arecal range following extended use (art. sub. no. 0896).


Working length


Harmonized System Code

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