RECA ultra E-Slim VDE screwdriver set, 4 pieces, TX

For many electricians, conventional screwdriver handles are too thick. Only occasionally do rusted or seized-up screws have to be removed. Often, however, hard-to-reach screwed connections have to be accessed in confined working areas.

The RECA ultra E-Slim VDE screwdriver handles were developed together with electricians and are thinner and longer. They can therefore be used as precision screwdrivers.

The ultra handle (with embedded chambers made from flexible plastic) enables fast and effortless work. The output symbol and size is stamped on the handle head. As a result, the size is immediately visible even if the screwdrivers are in the tool case or a trouser pocket.

The blades are made from durable special steels (chromium-vanadium-molybdenum alloy) and are up to 50% thinner, as the insulation is integrated. This requires a more complex process than with conventional VDE blades. Thanks to the narrower blade, even hard-to-reach places can be accessed.


  • Flexible plastic chambers embedded in the handle ensure a perfect fit in any hand
  • Handle up to 30% slimmer than conventional handles
  • Circular blade up to 50% narrower
  • Drive symbol and size on handle cap
  • Blade insulation is injection-moulded directly onto the blade and guarantees safe work up to 1000 V
  • Each screwdriver individually tested in water bath at 10,000 V in line with ISO 60900
  • Handle: Anti-roll protection in handle head prevents the screwdriver from rolling away, cross hole for hanging up tool or inserting a lever
  • Blade: circular blade, insulated
  • Tip: “Black Tip” for a precise fit

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TX: 10/15/20/25

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