RECA multigraph pencil, 240 mm

Ergonomic, triangular-shaped.

Lead hardness 7B (= very soft lead) for thick, dark lines. For marking on smooth surfaces such as metal sheets, metal, tiles, glass, dry and wet wood as well as cardboard and paper.

Made from high-quality limewood. This soft hardwood is very well suited to sharpening, and offers an optimal combination of stability and flexibility.

Field of Application:

Metal, installation


This pencil produces excellent marking results on sheet copper, titanium-zinc, stainless steel and other sheet metals.

The triangular shaped pencil is well-known to panel-beaters, plumbers, tinsmiths and roofers as the “soft-lead pencil”.



Content remark:

9 pieces



Length of pin


Content remark

Harmonized System Code

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