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RAPID Komprex S-27 timber screw, washer head, Yellwin 500+, TX 50 10 x 180

Field of Application:

Insulation on rafters, structural woodwork, element construction, timber panel construction, interior construction. For all applications in which timber screws are used.


  • European Technical Approval (ETA-12/0373)
  • Building inspectorate approval as timber joint material (Z-9.1-564)
  • Building inspectorate approval for on-roof insulation systems (Z-9.1-509) from screw length of 180 mm
  • Double-start Hilo thread for faster and energy-saving fitting with improved extraction values
  • Washer head for high level of penetration resistance
  • Patented compaction tip
  • Premium Yellwin 500+ surface Up to ten-times greater corrosion protection in comparison to standard market galvanised zinc coatings (iridescent blue)

Core diameter



Thread type

Internal drive

Nominal diameter

Washer diameter

Thread design

Harmonized System Code

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