MULTI-MONTI MMS-S screw anchor, A4, hexagon head, 16 AF, 10 x 95 mm

Drill – remove drill debris – screw in – done

The screw anchor is an innovative anchoring system for securing assembly parts to concrete and other solid masonry. With its cutting-teeth design, the screw anchor cuts a thread in the drill hole as it is screwed in, creating a connection with positive locking and no expansion pressure.

Application area:

For securing
railings, grilles, beams, brackets, metal structures, formwork supports, cable conduits, pipes, mounting rails, ventilation ducts, suspended ceilings, sprinkler systems etc.
standard concrete with a strength class of at least C20/25 and up to maximum C50/60, also for use outdoors or in wet rooms if conditions are not particularly aggressive.


Thanks to the testing sleeves 0901 000 010/012/016/020, the screw anchors in diameters 10–20 can be used multiple times for temporary fastenings. (Note the types and dimensions)


Small drill diameter
Steel cutting teeth ensure minimum screw torques
Virtually no spreading effect, meaning small centre and edge distances
Simple, quick push-through mounting, can also be inserted mechanically
Immediate load-bearing capacity — no waiting
Fixings can be removed entirely
No torque control necessary
Can also be used outdoors

Anchor diameter

Type description


Anchor length (l)

Drill hole depth (h 1)

External drive



Max. attachment height (t fix)

Harmonized System Code

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