Knitted gloves EN 388 cat. II nat., pimples on both sides, level size 10

Coarse knit cotton/polyester gloves with double-sided nubbed texture for working in dry conditions. Also ideal for handling slippery objects.

EN 388:2016 — performance level 1121X

Field of Application:

With good grip for simple mechanical tasks


  • Do not wear gloves near rotating machine parts (saw blades, drills etc.). There is a risk of the gloves being caught in machinery.
  • Do not wear gloves when handling chemicals or when near open flames and flying sparks.


  • Seamless circular knit
  • Very good fit, excellent grip
  • Palms and backs of hands textured with nubs, meaning the gloves can be worn either way round
  • Breathable
Colour of hem

EN standard

Material of the liner

Interior finish






Material coating

Harmonized System Code

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