Flexlite Oil protective glove EN388:2016, nylon, size 11

The Flexlite Oil protective glove has a very robust nitrile double coating.
The undercoating is a smooth, dense nitrile layer that provides the necessary impermeability and the repellent quality required for working with oily liquids.
The top coating is a durable, non-slip nitrile coating offering a secure grip on oily objects.
These two coatings combined with a stable polyamide liner result in a high-quality, comfortable and flexible protective glove for all tasks performed in an oily environment.

EN 388:2016 — performance level 4121X

Field of Application:

  • Assembly work in mechanical engineering
  • Fitting/feeding parts in metal production lines
  • Maintenance work
  • Initial assembly of lightweight parts
  • Stamping lightweight, small metal parts


  • Do not wear gloves near rotating machine parts (saw blades, drills etc.). There is a risk of the gloves being caught in machinery.
  • Do not wear gloves when handling chemicals or when near open flames and flying sparks.


  • Secure grip on oily objects
  • Oil-repellent
  • Excellent finger mobility
  • Robust and flexible
Colour of hem

EN standard

Material of the liner






Material coating

Harmonized System Code

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