Flexlite Grip protective gloves EN388 – 4121X, elastane/nylon fabric, size 10

Universal assembly glove made from nylon-spandex fabric with a microporous water-based PU/nitrile-foam coating and additional nitrile nubs. It has very high degree of abrasion resistance and is characterised by its excellent fit. Good resistance against oils and greases as well as optimal grip.

EN 388:2016 — performance level 4121X

Field of Application:

For universal use even under oily conditions in metalworking, construction, installation and fitting work, in gardening and agriculture, in building yards and in industry, e.g. for assembly, repair, transport, packaging and warehousing work


  • Do not wear gloves near rotating machine parts (saw blades, drills etc.). There is a risk of the gloves being caught in machinery.
  • Do not wear gloves when handling chemicals or when near open flames and flying sparks.


  • Circular knit and anatomically-shaped for comfortable, fatigue-proof wear
  • Liquid-repellent, oil and grease-resistant PU/nitrile foam coating on the palms, thumbs and fingertips
  • Very good level of touch sensitivity and lasting comfort with no perspiration thanks to breathable, all-over coating
  • Nubs for optimum grip of smooth objects, even under oily conditions
  • Very high degree of abrasion resistance and mechanical resilience
  • Kind to the skin, breathable
  • Different-coloured seams to differentiate between sizes
Colour of hem

EN standard

Material of the liner

Interior finish






Material coating

Harmonized System Code

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