Flexi-Tape protective tape, blue, latex-free 50 x 4500 mm

RECA Flexi-Tape is a unique, latex-free “first-aid protective tape”, especially developed to secure wound dressings on finger and fingertip injuries in the manual trades sector. RECA Flexi-Tape can be used immediately after the wound has first been treated and is very resistant to water, grease and dirt.

Application area:

  • For quick and easy treatment of minor cuts and abrasions.
  • Can be used as a support bandage for sprains (workshops, construction sites, industry, manual trades and automobile companies).
  • Protects the hands when packing from continual strain on one spot or when handling sharp-edged objects and when used as grip protection for general tools.
  • Protects against chafing on hands and fingers.
  • Seals off bandages during contact with water (showering, working).

Field of Application:

The product should only be lightly wrapped around the affected area. This prevents a tourniquet effect. It is also not recommended to wear the product at night.




  • Elasticated, very easy to use and extremely economical.
  • Breathable, soft and comfortable.
  • Prevents the ingress of dirt and moisture.
  • Only adheres to itself, not to skin or hair.
  • Does not restrict movement.
  • Can be removed from the injured area without causing pain.
  • No need to use a knife or scissors.
  • Packaged in a practical canister. This ensures the product is stored in a hygienic, almost sterile environment and has a long shelf-life.



Harmonized System Code

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