Fish bolts, similar to DIN 571, galvanised 6 x 60

The recamo mounting rail system consists of various rails and accessory parts in four sizes: light-duty type 27, medium-duty type 28, medium-heavy-duty type 38 and lastly the heavy-duty domestic engineering type 40. The recamo toothed rack system completes the range with 2 profile sizes and an assortment of accessories. A fire test report can also be presented for the recamo 38/40, 40/60 and ZS 41x41x2.5 ranges.

Application area:

For securing recamo rails, brackets, etc. from item group 0859


Can be used without a washer thanks to the pressed-on collar.

Additional Torx drive for screw connection to rails using long bits.

Width across flats

Min. washer diameter




Nominal diameter

Max. washer diameter

Harmonized System Code

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