EXTREME twist drill, DIN 1897, HSS-Co Al-Cr-coated, short, 16.0 mm

The drill for the toughest materials

DIN 1897, HSS-Co Al-Cr, coated

Application area:

For stationary machines, DIN 1897 type N extra-short, right-hand cutting, ground, aluminium-chromium coating, HSS-Co 5%

Field of Application:

Suitable for HARDOX® 450 (for HARDOX® 500 and 550 preliminary testing is required) and for very hard materials up to 1400 N/mm² such as e.g. excavator shovels, truck superstructures, snowploughs, agricultural machines, armour plating etc.


Prerequisites for drilling HARDOX®:
Short drill construction to minimise vibration; stability is key.
Do not use in hand-held drills!
Minimise distance between drill and workpiece and clamp workpiece firmly.
Reduce feed rate shortly before drilling through and ensure recommended feed rate and cutting speed are maintained.


135° turbo cutter with cross grinding

  • Drilling with pin-point accuracy
  • No centre punch required
  • Fastest drilling progress
  • Drilling on convex surfaces

Reinforced drill core

  • Greater cutting forces and stability
  • Longer service life
  • Optimised breakage resistance with all diameters
  • Elasticity according to the most recent findings

Surface coating

  • Al Cr coating
  • Increased surface hardness
  • Prevents built-up edges
  • Improves thermal stability
Chip flute length



Harmonized System Code

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