EVO twist drill, DIN 338 HSS, 10.2 mm

EVO twist HSS drill with TRICON shaft, type N, right-hand cutting, DIN 338, HSS, ground, TiAIN head coating

Application area:

Precision drill for drilling steel up to 1000 N/mm² and cast steel (alloyed and non-alloyed), grey cast iron, malleable cast iron, spheroidal cast iron, sintered iron, nickel silver and graphite.


From 4.0 mm with TRICON shaft


  • 118° EVO blade with cross-ground section

Drilling with pin-point accuracy – no centre punch; dimensional accuracy – precise drill holes; low feed and cutting forces – energy-saving operation

  • Blue ring – for steel

Simple material assignment – no confusion; suitable for machine taps and countersinks

  • TiAlN head coating

Maximum service life – no built-up edges, greater surface hardness, improved thermal stability, dry machining possible; “NUR” coating on the area subjected to the greatest load – greater flexibility and more cost-effective

  • TRICON shaft, positive-fit transmission of forces

No movement in the drill chuck – optimal power transfer/no groove formation; no excessively deep clamping in the drill chuck – optimal elasticity; low energy expenditure when opening and closing the drill chuck – protects the drill chuck

Angle of the tip

Chip flute length


Cutting material

Material to be processed




Harmonized System Code

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