Ensat thread insert, bore hole from 24.7 to 25.4 mm, M20

A self-cutting thread insert with female and male thread. Cutting slots ensure effective working. The threaded bush facilitates fast repair of torn-out threads.

Application area:

These drill hole diameters serve as a guide and apply to most materials. Depending on the strength of the material, the smaller or larger value is adopted (usually the average value). In specific cases or with certain materials, the drill hole diameter is determined by testing. Minimum material thickness = length of bush. For blind holes, the drill hole depth equates to the length of the bush + 3 to 4 x pitch of male thread. The drill holes must be countersunk. The edge clearance of the bush must not be less than approx. 0.3 x the outer diameter. Lubrication e.g. with RECA Bio Cut art. no. 0896 413 400 is recommended when screwing in.


  • The same screw size can be reused.
  • The thread is much more resilient.
  • No damaged caused by torn-out thread.
  • The threaded bush is not affected by cavity spots.
Min. drill diameter


Max. drill diameter

Female thread

Male thread


Harmonized System Code

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