Energie 8 plus battery charging and care station

Table top charger for up to 8 batteries

Charging and care station for 1-6 micro AAA / Mignon AA, 1-4 Baby C / Mono D and 1-2 9V E-Block batteries, refresh and pre-charging process

Field of Application:

For NiCd and NiMH batteries


  • Quick capacity check of the battery: Coloured control lamps indicate remaining capacity and display whether the battery charge is below 25%, below 80% or still above 80%
  • Auto-diagnosis with automatic battery refresh function, pre-damaged batteries are regenerated
  • Quick charging
  • Individual slot monitoring
  • Microcontroller-monitored charge control, reverse polarity protection
  • 5x overload protection and defective battery detection and alkaline detection
  • Fully-automatic control guarantees simple operation
  • Clear display of the program mode for each charging slot
  • Switch-mode power supply for worldwide use
Type description

Harmonized System Code

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