diamop diamond grinding cup SUPRA, with polycrystalline diamonds, 125/22.2

Robust diamond grinding cup SUPRA for the effective removal of adhesive residues, coatings etc.
With innovative PCD diamond segments with 7.5 mm high usable diamond layer.

Application area:

Diamond grinding cups are used for machining the surface of stone and concrete materials. Can be used in commercially available angle grinders or in special concrete grinders that are equipped with enclosed extraction devices (e.g. BOSCH GBR 14CA).
For removing formwork residues, concrete projections, paint, graffiti, tar coatings and even thin plastic coverings (up to approx. 3 mm)

Field of Application:

For the effective removal of adhesive residues, floor coverings, brushed-on coatings, sealants (e.g. made from epoxy resin, polyurethane, acrylic etc.) from concrete, poured asphalt and epoxy resin floorings.


Significantly increased grinding performance and longer service life thanks to incorporated polycrystalline diamonds (PCD)


PREMIUM diamond grinding cup for plastic coatings

Effective diamond section

Material to be processed


Bore diameter


Harmonized System Code


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