diaflex diamond cutting disc ultra Universal PREMIUM, single pack 300/22.2mm

A newly developed generation of diamond blades with top cutting performance and speed as well as excellent service life. The symmetrically arranged diamonds are integrated throughout the segment in four layers, which gives the disc an unprecedented cutting speed and an extremely comfortable cutting feel even into the toughest stone materials and also into iron. Laser-welded with segment height of 12 (10+2) mm, with segment height of 15 (13+2) mm for sizes of 230 mm and larger.

Application area:

For all common machines depending on diameter:
115–230 mm for dry cutting on angle grinders and wall chasers
300–400 mm with 20, 22.2 and 25.4 mm holes for dry or wet cutting with floor saws or table-top machines as required
300 and 350 mm with hole 30 and reducing ring at 25.4 mm have a silent core steel blade, therefore only use on bench saws when wet cutting

Field of Application:

Can be used for all common stone materials, especially hard, reinforced concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, natural stone, paving, granite, porphyry, hard sand-lime brick and many other materials.


The small diameters 115 and 125 mm have a hole of 22.23 mm, as well as the new X-Lock holder for the latest generation of angle grinder. They can thus be used on all common machines as well as on the new X-Lock machines.

All discs with a 25.4 mm hole have an additional drive hole.

The discs with 30 mm hole and 25.4 mm reducing ring have a silent core (“silentio”) steel blade and can therefore only be used on bench saws when wet cutting.


Pure diamond quality in hardness 10 ensures maximum performance:
• Maximum cutting speed in concrete, reinforced concrete, exposed aggregate concrete, but also in granite and other hard natural stones.
• Maximum service life due to 15 mm high segments (diameter 115–180 mm: 12 mm). With the exception of a 2 mm diamond-free zone (“base”), the segments can be processed with the same maximum performance.
• Maximum working comfort due to cobalt-based binding. The selected carrier material ensures a smooth cutting feel and smooth immersion into the stone being cut without exerting pressure on the machine.
• Clear production processes ensure constant quality!

Segment length

Effective diamond section

Segment thickness

Segment height

Number of segments

Material to be processed

Bore diameter

Main-blade thickness


Harmonized System Code

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