Cubitron II vulcan. fibre disc, grain: 60+, f steel cer. abrasive grain, 180 mm

The 3M™ Cubitron™ II fibre disc for steel is a high-performance disc for steel and non-ferrous metals. The 3M™ Cubitron™ II ceramic abrasive grain delivers unprecedented material removal results and maximum service life. The fibre discs are ideal for welding seam machining, edge and surface sanding and deburring. Free from iron, chlorine and sulphur (≤ 0.1%).

Field of Application:

Especially suited for steel, aluminium, brass and bronze.


The “+” makes the difference. The uniformly shaped 3M™ Cubitron™ II ceramic abrasive grain is nothing like grains commonly used, which is why the grain is marked with a “+”.


  • Use angle grinders with over 1000 watts
  • Use the support plate with cooling grooves (art. no. 0665 080 000)
  • High contact pressure = high degree of material removal
  • Use speed-adjustable angle grinders and protective gloves and safety goggles!


Removal rate

  • Vertically-arranged abrasive grains
  • New sharp edges constantly appear on the abrasive grain
  • Optimised performance from each abrasive grain

Service life

  • Precision-shaped and uniform abrasive grains
  • Each abrasive grain is used to optimal effect


  • Vertically-arranged abrasive grains
  • Low contact pressure required
  • Consistent and improved surface finish
Grid size


Harmonized System Code

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