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Countersunk head screws, ISO 10642 10.9, hexagon socket 5 M8 x 40

Hexagon socket countersunk head screws

Due to their head geometry, countersunk head screws have a limited load capacity according to this standard and possibly do not meet tensile or torsional strength requirements
The actual mechanical properties of the screw are unchanged and comply with ISO 3506-1
Depending on the type, these items are supplied with threading almost up to the head
Countersinks for screw heads in accordance with DIN 7991 and ISO 10642 must comply with DIN 74 shape F


DIN 7991 has been withdrawn and replaced by ISO 10642. There is some limited similarity (some head heights and head diameters have been changed | nominal Ø M18, M22, M24 are omitted | stainless steels removed | strength classes 10.9 and 12.9 added)

These screws can only be subjected to limited loads due to their head geometry, see DIN EN ISO 898-1

Property class
Width across flats
Thread type
Nominal diameter
Head height
Head diameter
Harmonized System Code
Thread length (metric thread)
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