Countersink deburring tool with cross hole, 90°, HSS-Co, TiN, 4 pieces

RECA conical and countersink deburring tool set, in sheet steel cassette, 4-piece

Application area:

The ideal tool for all countersinking and deburring work. Whether for the electronics industry, plumbing and heating systems, automotive workshops, mechanical engineering, switch cabinet manufacturing, steel piping construction or woodworking.


Cross-hole countersinks are distinguished by:

  • Excellent chip removal
  • Chatter-free working
  • Groove-free surface
  • Optimal centring properties

Composition of set:

Contents: 1 piece each Ø 2–5 mm, Ø 5–10 mm, Ø 10–15 mm, Ø 15–20 mm

Composition of set

Harmonized System Code

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