Claw coupling with grommet 1 1/2 inch

GEKA quick-action couplings with high-performance sealing ring; uniform claw distance 40mm, therefore combinable with each other and with all other GEKA models. Temperature range of approx. -10°C up to +90°C

Application area:

Hose couplings can be joined through a simple quarter rotation; the consistent diameter of 40 mm on the claw side enables different hose diameters to be connected
Temperature range of approx. -10°C up to +90°C

Field of Application:

Hose nozzle with increased end rib and rib profile that is gentle on the hose


Proven top quality and absolute reliability
The couplings have a replaceable sealing ring and locking nubs to prevent them from loosening accidentally.
The ribbed profile on the hose side of the couplings guarantees an absolutely secure hose fit


Gasket material


Harmonized System Code

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