Cable feed grip RUNPO Z 6–9 mm

The patented RUNPO Z – cable grip with swivel features an integrated swivel, which
balances the rotation of the cable in the pipe and therefore significantly protects the insert system, the pulling grip and the cable.
The quick release, an ergonomically shaped hook, enables attachment and insertion in seconds, eliminating
the need for time-consuming screwing and unscrewing.
The total tensile load of 200 kg is tested on the hook, the connection pressings, the swivel and the stainless steel grip braid.
The flexible stainless steel double braid facilitates cable mounting of 6–9 or 9–15 mm diameter.
The RUNPO Z replaces two conventional pulling grips.


  • Stainless steel hook, connectors and wire mesh = durability
  • Swivel and quick release
  • Attach and insert in seconds
  • The RUNPO Z replaces 2 cable grips


With hook

Material of the wire


Tensile load

Min. diameter


Max. diameter

Harmonized System Code

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