Brobusta Enr. IP44 H07RN-F3G2.5 25 m

Cable drum made from highly break-resistant special plastic in accordance with BGI 608 with extra large, ergonomic handle. A stable, powder-coated tubular steel frame with reinforced feet ensures maximum stability and a low centre of gravity.
Complies with BGI 608.
K2 according to BGI 600.
RN cable is approved for harsh conditions in accordance with VDE 0100 section 704

Field of Application:

Extra-robust, approved for outdoor use, on construction sites and in industry.


  • Snap and park clip for fixing the cable to the drum
  • Robust turning handle for convenient reeling up of the cable drum
  • Rotation stop screw on the rear for fixing the drum body
  • Can be used in a horizontal or vertical position
  • Neoprene rubber cable, resistant to oil and UV radiation
IP protection class

Cable type

Protection class

Harmonized System Code

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