Benning Dutest pro continuity and circuit tester

Reliable detection of incorrect wiring, contact faults and cable interruptions.
Rapid detection of faulty fuses, lamps, wires and short circuits.
Continuity and semiconductor testing via LEDs and testing buzzer.
Display via three yellow LEDs: 0–100 Ω/1 kΩ/10 kΩ.
Acoustic display via testing buzzer to test low-ohmic resistances up to approx. 100 Ω.
External voltage display: 6–400 V (LEDs/testing buzzer).
Polarity testing.
Single-pole external conductor testing (phase) via 4-mm measuring tip (red flashing phase LED).
Non-contact phasing tester/cable break detector (red flashing phase LED).
Accurate and bright high-performance LED torch.
Buzzer volume and LED torch brightness individually adjustable in four stages.
Integrated self-test for LEDs, LED torch and buzzer.
Battery low voltage display.
Battery set required: 3 x 1.5 V AA.
Integrated magnet holder and belt clip on back of housing.
Measuring category: CAT lll 300 V.
Impact and break-proof housing.


Battery set required: 3 x 1.5 V AA.


– Acoustic and optical continuity testing (3-stage)
– Loud testing buzzer (with 4-stage adjustment)
– Phase voltage and external voltage display: 6–400 V
– High-performance LED torch (with 4-stage adjustment)
– Non-contact cable break detector
– Magnet holder and belt clip on back of housing

Harmonized System Code

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