Autom. wire stripping pliers Multi Strip 10, stripping range from 0.03-10mm²

  • Stripping without readjustment from 0.03 to 10.0 mm².
  • Improved knife geometry – robust and more durable.
  • Optimised handle design with improved feel.
  • Recessed wire cutter
  • Fully automatic adaptation to solid-, multi- and fine-strand conductors with PVC insulation and a wide range of special insulations in the entire capacitance range from 0.03 to 10.0 mm².
  • No manual fine adjustment necessary, no damage to conductors.
  • The steel clamping jaws keep the cable in a non-slip position without damaging the remaining insulation.
  • With deep-set wire cutter for copper and aluminium multi-strand conductors up to 10.0 mm² and solid-wire conductors up to 6.0 mm².
  • Very smooth mechanical design and very low weight.
  • Replaceable knife block and length stop.
  • Handle with soft plastic zone for secure grip.

Housing: glass-fibre-reinforced plastic

blade: Special tool steel, oil-hardened

Field of Application:

Stripping values: 0.03 – 10.0 mm²


Patented mechanism:

The cutting depth of the stripping knife adjusts to the wire cross-section and also the thickness of all standard insulation materials fully automatically. No manual adjustment required in contrast to other conventional pliers with large stripping ranges.

Harmonized System Code

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