6X1 full-vision safety glasses, clear, SoftPad technology

The 6X1 safety glasses are both comfortable and lightweight and offer all the benefits of full-vision safety glasses. The glasses can be worn with either a frame or a head band, increasing flexibility and making them ideal for both short-term work and work over a longer period. Both clear and tinted lenses are available.

  • Soft rubber edging with no pressure points
  • Certified in accordance with EN 166 designation “3” (protection against droplets and splashes) and “4” (protection against large dust particles)
  • “Plus” scratch-resistant and anti-fog coating
  • F – Mechanical strength, low-energy impact – 45 m/s
  • T – Additional test for resistance to high-speed particles at extreme temperatures
  • K – Resistance to surface damage caused by fine particles
  • N – Anti-fogging properties of the lens
  • High impact-resistant polycarbonate lens

Field of Application:

Thanks to their versatility, the 6X1 full-vision safety glasses can be used in a whole host of applications — from lathing and grinding work through to work outdoors.


  • Wide lens for an undistorted field of vision
  • Frame equipped with SoftPad technology; length and inclination can be adjusted
  • Advanced indirect ventilation system
EN standard

Type description

Mechanical strength

Material of safety lens

UV protection

Colour of safety lens


Harmonized System Code

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